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To be successful in any business venture requires purpose, planning, perseverance, patience and passion. In addition to a substantial financial investment, you will be investing enormous amounts of time and energy in starting a new business. So it is best not to leave anything to chance.

Any prudent investigation of a business opportunity requires a good understanding of the market and market trends, the strengths and weaknesses of the existing competition, the risk that disruptive technology would impose on your business and an understanding of the financial risks and rewards.

As an industry, document destruction is in its adolescence. The mobile document destruction business started in the mid 1980s and has seen tremendous growth over the past decade. During your investigation, you will most likely come across other shredding companies in your market. A simple SWOT analysis will help you better understand how to compete against these incumbent companies. Many newcomers to the business pose as potential customers and then rate their competitors’ performance on a number of criteria (i.e., timeliness, friendliness, efficiency, pricing, etc.).

Others prefer the straightforward approach of calling their potential competitors and simply asking them about their business. Assuming you have established that your market will support a fresh approach to document destruction, it is now time to witness the daily operation of a document destruction company. We can arrange suitable introductions with existing companies, allowing you to gain valuable insight into the daily operation of a shredding company.