photo of shred truck and container of shredded paper


On-site shredding offers clients the peace-of-mind of knowing sensitive information has been totally destroyed in their presence. In addition to the security and cost benefits this service offers, it helps companies meet their goals with regard to environmental sustainability. As more companies launch green initiatives, properly handling documents in a responsible manner is becoming more critical.

Although claiming to be a secure process, off-site shredding and recycling services provide ample opportunity for unauthorized retrieval of sensitive information. Recyclers are more concerned with the grading of the paper than the security of the information it contains. Employees hired to sort material for recycling purposes only, are usually low skilled and are rarely bonded.

On-site mobile shredding is by far superior to office shredders. Mobile shredders can shred in fifteen minutes what a typical office shredder would process in eight hours; therefore it is usually more cost-effective to contract a shredding service than to perform the task internally. Not only do clients usually recognize a cost savings of over 25% over in-house shredding operations, but also their employees can perform other tasks that are more productive.